So you can use the new audio recorder in WhatsApp to listen to messages before sending them

so you can use the new audio recorder in whatsapp

WhatsApp has renewed the message recorder included in the application. After passing through the beta and development versions that can be tested on iOS and Android, the new recorder to use voice notes now reaches all users. A tool that now allows you to play the audio notes before sending them and so you can use it.

The voice notes are for many, a fundamental tool of WhatsApp. Now everyone can review the audio notes before sending them so that if the voice message does not convince you, you can delete it before sending it. This is how to use the new function.

You will no longer send audios by mistake


The new voice recorder is available on both Android and iOS. Now you can listen to the audios before sending them to any phone. You only need to have the latest version of WhatsApp downloaded and installed and follow these steps.

To take advantage of the new recording system you must now when you start recording a voice message, you must slide the microphone icon up to access a new box that will allow you to stop the audio.

Recorder 1

At that moment two options appear that allow you start full playback to hear it before sending. And you can hear it as many times as you want. If you are satisfied, you only have to click on “Send” to send the recorded audio.

Recorder 3

If you do not want to send the message you have recorded, you have a trash can in the lower left area of ​​the screen to delete the audio.

Recorder 2

How do you see, the voice message preview Before sending them, do not add important changes regarding the way of proceeding that you already knew. Only to be able to use it you must slide up and block the microphone and of course, have WhatsApp updated to the latest version.