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So you can use Google Chrome as the default browser on iPhone

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Although Apple’s Safari browser has a good quality, you may be interested in more use Google Chrome as default on iPhone. This is very positive to do if you use other services from the Mountain View company, since the operation of these is better with the development we are talking about. We tell you how to get it in a simple and completely safe way.

Curiously, Apple’s browser, which is integrated by default in the iPhone, is one of the applications that has the most competition of all the native ones that exist in the phones of the North American firm. Aware of the possible needs that those who use a terminal from the Cupertino company may have, It has not been particularly difficult to establish a different application as default when accessing the Internet. Therefore, we assure you that in just a few minutes you will achieve the objective we are talking about.

Steps to use Chrome as default on iPhones

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We show you everything you have to do to achieve this directly on Apple phones that, for some time now, have been allowing more open use options in some elements of the system (such as keyboards). The case is that there is no danger in the actions that you will execute and also, if you decide, you can always go back to the original situation with Safari as the default in the iOS operating system.

  • Download the browser on the iPhone in case you do not have it (you can use this link for it). Now, open the application and click on the icon in the lower right area of ​​the screen.
  • The next thing you should do is select Settings from the options you see on the screen and a large list of possibilities offered by Google appears to leave the browser exactly how you want.
iPhone phone on top of a white table

  • Look for the Default browser section and then click on Open Chrome settings. You will now see on the screen, a place where Safari appears as the chosen one, use this option and select Google Chrome so that it is established on the iPhone.
  • Once this is done, you have finished and you already have everything perfectly configured.

Nothing complicated or long, and everything can be done right in the Chrome browser. Therefore, change the default browser on the iPhone to Google’s it will not give you any headache no operational problems. And this is always important so as not to get any unpleasant surprises on a day-to-day basis.


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