So you can use ChatGPT on your Android mobile directly as if it were an app

asi puedes usar chatgpt en tu movil android directamente como si fuese una app.jpg
asi puedes usar chatgpt en tu movil android directamente como si fuese una app.jpg

It is more than clear that with the launch of ChatGPT at the end of last year, the world of technology and artificial intelligence took a gigantic step to put itself on the lips and within everyone’s reach.

So, if you currently use ChatGPT but you no longer want to open your browser every time you have to enter the website of this chat system, let us tell you that we bring you good news. We say this because it is possible to use ChatGPT directly on your mobile as if it were an appso pay attention because in this article we will tell you how to achieve this in a simple way.

Well, as such there are various ways to use ChatGPT on your Android mobile but today we bring you what is undoubtedly the most comfortable option, and this is the implied shortcut in between. This means that the website shortcut will be displayed on the desktop of your mobile device as if it were any other application.

What to do to use ChatGPT on your Android mobile as if it were an application

Having clarified this and moving on to the point of how to use ChatGPT on the mobile directly as an app, the first thing you should do is open your preferred browser on your Android smartphone. It can be Chrome, Firefox or any other browser you like.

Now go to the official ChatGPT website and click on the three vertical dots displayed in the upper right corner. When the various available tabs are displayed, click on the one that indicates Add to home screen. At this point you will be shown a small pop-up window where you can put the name you want to the link, so the ideal is to put ChatGPT, simply that. Then tap on Add.

Once all this is done, the browser you are using should give you two options: that you keep the app icon pressed so that you can place it where you like on your mobile desktop, or on the other hand, press the Add to home screen button so that it is added in the next available space that there is on the desktop (and later you can move it anyway).

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