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So you can synchronize your Apple Watch with an Android mobile

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Many times it can be thought that certain devices of a brand cannot be synchronized more than other devices of the same company. When talking about this topic, the name of apple immediately comes up and the null compatibility of its products with others that are from a different ecosystem.

Going for the Apple Watch this time, let us tell you that although officially this can not be synchronized with an android mobileyes there is an option to achieve it in an effective and fully functional way.

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Of course, you must take into account from the beginning that these Apple watches, being compatible only with iPhones, They cannot be squeezed to the maximum in other mobiles than these. Come on, some applications will not work optimally, and others will not work directly.

A clear example of this can be the iMessage app or the health and physical monitoring applications of your watch, which can be executed correctly but certain points of these will fail. Knowing this, it is only necessary to know what are the necessary steps to synchronize both devices, so let’s go for it.

What is needed to synchronize your Apple Watch with your Android mobile

What is needed to synchronize your Apple Watch with your Android mobile

The requirements that you must meet to successfully achieve this goal are: your Android mobile, the Apple Watch (which has LTE connectivity) and an iPhone. On the clock part, LTE connectivity will be necessary so you can make and receive calls and messages.

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As for the iPhone, this turns out to be essential because the first steps to configure the Apple Watch require the use of these mobiles yes or yes. Now, having these points clarified, let’s first go through the necessary steps to link the Apple Watch with the iPhone.

– Insert the SIM card of your Android mobile into the iPhone.
– Sync Apple Watch from iPhone. For this you must join the mobile with the clock so that they automatically recognize each other. In case this does not happen, from the iPhone enter the Watch app and press on start linking.
– Then select the option set up for myselfwith which the iPhone camera will be activated for you to scan the clock screen, which will be showing a blue icon.
– To finish this part, download and update the applications you need on the Apple Watch.

Once you have completed these steps, you will have to turn off both the iPhone and the watch to remove the SIM card from the mobile and be able to enter it to the other Android device, which must also be turned off. After inserting the SIM, turn it on and wait to connect to the mobile network to turn on the watch as well.

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Basically this is all you have to do, since as we mentioned at the beginning, these devices cannot be synchronized as such, since they belong to different ecosystems. What will happen is that you can receive calls, messages and do other things from the Apple Watch while connected to Android.

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