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So you can stop the alarm clock on Android without having to touch your mobile

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Who wakes up fully lucid in the morning? Or who is able to do it frequently? The most common thing is to have a start when the mobile alarm sounds and to be so disoriented that we are not even capable of stopping the alarm clock at the first. But, like almost everything in life, there is a solution.

In this post we are going to explore the two easiest ways to configure our mobile to stop the alarm without even touching the screen. One of them will even allow us to stay in bed without moving a single finger and without having to say a single word.

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This app postpones you and silences alarms without doing anything

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Although there are mobiles that already come with this function as standard, such as Xiaomi mobiles and their alarm app, the truth is that in the end most of them do not incorporate advanced functions for it. the app Alarm Clock: Clock 2022 it does allow any Android mobile to have these features.

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As you will see as soon as you open it, it offers a very complete interface to manage your alarms, being able to configure different bells or program them precisely. It also offers a clear and lossless interface when it is playing, although in the end we are not so interested in how it is in that case because you will not need to interact while it sounds.

What you have to do is enter personalized and once there look at the “Snooze” and “Dismiss” options. Both allow the alarm to be silenced after a certain time without the need for us to touch any button at all, with the important difference that with “Snooze” the alarm will sound again after a few minutes, while with “Dismiss” it will not sound again. sound more.

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alarm 1

Settings for “Snooze”

In the case of “Postpone” you must click on it to open a menu with options, click on “Auto Postpone” and then “Configure”. Once here, you will have to choose the minutes and seconds that you want to pass for the alarm to stop ringing. You will also need to configure the “Lag Time”, which is basically how long it will take for the alarm to sound again. Finally, you can add a “Postponement Limit” so that the alarm is not postponed more than X times or directly that it is postponed without limit.

Dismiss Alarm

Dismiss Options

In the case of “Discard” you will only have to go to the option of “Auto discard”give the “Configure” option and choose the minutes and seconds you want to pass until the alarm stops completely.

Choose a time long enough to wake you up and just enough so you don’t have to touch your phone to deactivate the alarm.

Now, we must give important warning about these options and especially with the “Dismiss” option. And it is that you must choose a time long enough to find out that the alarm is ringing and wake you up, but not too long so that you have to interact with the screen, which would make this option lose all its grace. Perhaps the ideal would be setting up a nice song with a time of one minute to make sure that you wake up and in the same way that the doorbell is not annoying enough to want to stop it manually.

Alarm Clock: Clock 2022

Alarm Clock: Clock 2022

  • Price: Free
  • Developer: AVG Labs
  • Download at: google play

Google Assistant to stop the alarm clock with your voice

google assistant

The brand new quick phrases of Google Assistant allow very few actions at the moment, but among them are those of stop the alarm without touching anything. It is action-reaction, since as soon as the alarm starts to sound, you can say the phrase “Stop” or “Snooze” without having to say “Ok, Google” in front of it.

This feature is currently exclusive to the Google Pixel 6, but it could come to other Android devices later.

Now, for this to be possible you must have activated quick phrases before, available only on the Google Pixel 6 and 6 Pro (at least for now). The steps to follow are these:

  1. Open the mobile settings.
  2. Go into Google.
  3. go now to Google app settings.
  4. Click on Search, Assistant and Voice”.
  5. choose now google assistant.
  6. Enter the options quick phrases.
  7. Select the option alarms and timers for it to activate.+

Once this is done, you will be able to stop the alarms with your voice without having to touch your mobile and without saying “Ok Google” in front. The negative part is that it is only on two mobiles for now, although it is not ruled out that it may reach other Android terminals in the future and, of course, future generations of Google mobiles.

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