So you can set an alarm on iPhone phones that only wakes you up

So you can set an alarm on iPhone phones that only wakes you up

Surely on some occasion you have wanted to set an alarm on the iphone don’t wake anyone else up. If you don’t know how to do this, we show you the option that we believe to be the most effective, which is none other than establishing one that does not emit any sound and that uses vibration to warn that it is time to open your eyes.

An example of what we say is when you go on a trip and you have to share a room with other people. In this case, waking up the rest is not exactly something that will make you have good friends at breakfast time, for example. Luckily, on iPhones there is the possibility of configuring that the alarm clock does not ring and that, therefore, effectiveness is not lost due to the use of vibration. Obviously, you must carry your smartphone with you or, failing that, place it on the nightstand so that the mentioned effect makes you wake up.

This is how you activate an alarm on the iPhone that only vibrates

The truth is that everything is very simple, and you will not have to install anything on the Apple smartphone, since the Clock app that it includes offers all the necessary options for you to achieve the objective that we have set. Therefore, with the tools that exist in the iPhone itself, you will be able to do everything necessary and leave the alarm perfectly configured. These are the steps you have to take:

  • Open the clock app, then look for the option called Add alarm (there’s an icon for it). I could, if you wish, edit an option already created before, but we will continue showing what to do to create a new one.
  • Now set the time it will ring and the days of the week it will repeat. The next thing you have to do is search for Sound and here select None from the list that you can see on the iPhone screen.
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Rear image of an Apple iPhone

  • Press on vibration so that the corresponding slider is activated and, in this way, that the action is executed on the phone. You can set a custom pattern so you know it’s the alarm that’s triggering everything.
  • Simply, now you have to use the Save option to which you go back and you will have everything perfectly configured. Obviously, you’re done.

As you have seen, there is nothing particularly complicated that you must do on the iPhone to activate an alarm that only vibrates. obviously you can change options and add sound if you wish simply by accessing the Clock application and clicking on the option that you have established with the previous steps. The simplicity and wide possibilities are the predominant note.