So you can see the notifications of your mobile on the screen of your television with Android TV

para ver las notificaciones del movil en android tv.jpg
para ver las notificaciones del movil en android tv.jpg

Imagine that you are watching a movie or your favorite series on your TV, but you do not have your mobile phone nearby. and you have received an email or an important message to this. In these cases the question arises, can I make my mobile notifications appear on the TV?

Well, if you have Android TV, luckily this is something you can do so that in this way you never miss the relevant news that reaches your mobile, whether from applications such as WhatsApp, Telegram, Gmail, among many others.

In fact, this is something that is not complicated to do, and it is through the Notifications for Android TV application that we can see the notifications in question. The app allows your mobile and TV to be synchronizedso that the messages or emails reach the latter without many complications.

See your mobile notifications from Android TV without any problem

In the same way, you must bear in mind that as such you will not be able to interact with these small notification windows that will be displayed on the TV, so they will only serve to determine if it is necessary for you to attend to the mobileor on the contrary you can continue watching your movie with peace of mind.

Having said all this, let’s go now with the respective steps to achieve this to see the notifications of your mobile on your TVso pay attention to the following:

See your mobile notifications on TV

– Enter the section of Settingwho is represented by a gear icon in the upper right area of ​​the screen.
– Now click on the tab MyAndroid TV and then enable the option ADB Debug.
– Now access Google Play (from the TV), download the Notifications for Android TV app and accept the rules of use of the application.
– Now from your mobile, also look for the Notifications for Android TV application and proceed to download it.
– Accept the permissions and terms of use from the mobile and that’s it.

Once all this is done, you will be able to see how certain notifications will begin to appear on your TV at the same time they reach your mobile. Of course, do not forget that Only alerts from apps that have your permission to do so on mobile will be shownthat is, if you have Gmail notifications blocked on your smartphone, they will also not reach your TV screen.

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