So you can see the 2023 Oscars gala both on TV at home and online

So you can see the 2023 Oscars gala both on TV at home and online
so you can see the 2023 oscars gala both on

There is not much left for the long-awaited gala of the Oscars 2023 start. In it, the best films of the year are awarded and it has become almost a ritual for movie lovers -and, also, for those who want to see the most famous actors and actresses parading down the red carpet in the best clothes -. We are going to show you everything you need to know so you don’t miss anything wherever you are.

Leaving aside the favorites to win the coveted statuettes, there are some facts that are important when preparing to see live and direct, what happens in the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, which again is the place chosen to celebrate the event that marks hundreds of millions of people. By the way, that the presenter is Jimmy KimmelSo it will be necessary to see what he has prepared, since he does not usually let opportunities like this escape to leave his mark.

The day on which the 2023 Oscars are celebrated is the night of March 12 and the early morning of March 13 (we always talk about Spain, of course). As usual, the first thing is the parade of celebrities who show their best face as guests and, the lucky ones, as nominees to win a prize that can change the life of the most painted. This usually lasts no less than a couple of hours, and it will begin at 00:00 hours… Then, the gala itself will begin with its jokes, performances and moments for history (there are always, for this in the US they paint themselves ).


Where you can watch the Oscars 2023 live

As usual for a few years now, it is Movistar Plus+ who has the rights for the broadcast, so you must have access to the platform in case you want to see everything that happens in Los Angeles. In addition, as is tradition, the programming begins at minute one, so from 00:00 it will be possible to follow everything that happens outside the venue on the red carpet and, of course, then watch the delivery of each of the awards.

All presented by Cristina Teva, what happens at the Dolby Theater will be narrated minute by minute.  now only remains hit the ones that are our favorites to get the most prizes and enjoy a gala that never gets old.