So you can reset an iPhone if you forgot your Apple ID password

So you can reset an iPhone if you forgot your Apple ID password

So you can reset an iPhone if you forgot your Apple ID password

Sometimes you need leave the iPhone you have as new. Whether it is due to how it works or simply because you have the idea of ​​giving it away, the goal is for it to be exactly the same as the day it was taken out of the box. This can be achieved through factory reset, and we will tell you the steps to do it without anything stopping you.

The process we are talking about erases all the information that is on the iPhone. And when we say everything, it is that the terminal is left completely empty. There will not be any trace of the configuration or of the photos you have taken with the terminal, for example. Therefore, you avoid having any fear that someone can access the accounts you use or know the places you visited in the previous summer. A very useful option, but one that requires being very sure that it can be done, since there is no going backace.

Do a reset of your iPhone without Apple ID

It is possible that, for some reason, do not have this information, either due to forgetfulness or simply because the family member who gave you the iPhone did not provide you with the Apple ID. Luckily, you can achieve your goal in just a few minutes as long as you have at hand a Mac computer to which to connect the smartphone. You have to perform the following steps:

  • The first thing is that you connect the iPhone to the computer by using the USB cable that is supplied with the mobile. You can use another, but the reliability is less.
  • Now open the iTunes application on the computer and, then, click on the icon that appears and that is the one of the phone that you want to restore.
Back of Apple IPhone 14 phone

  • You will see a summary of your information in the application window and also an option called Restore iPhone Give it use and, when asked for confirmation, answer in the affirmative by clicking on Restore.
  • The time has come to be patient, since the process begins, which will be more or less long depending on the storage of the iPhone and the power of the computer.
  • When everything is finished, a message appears indicating it and, voila, you’re done and your phone is like new.

At this moment you have to start with the configuration of the phone from scratch, since it is completely clean and without any adjustments made. Therefore, you will be able to use your Apple account on the iPhone and the rest of the services without problems and with a optimum performance.


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