So you can print from your Android device very easily

It is very possible that on some occasion you had the need to print something that you have on your Android phone or tablet and, not knowing all the options of the Google operating system, you thought that you could not do it. You should know that this is currently completely possible and, in addition, it is very easy to carry out the corresponding steps. Since the Google Cloud Print service ended in 2020, doing what we say has become a process that is not at all complex -since, among other things, you don’t have to put any cable in the way to achieve it-. Of course, the printer that you must have to do this has to access WiFi networks or, failing that, be able to create your own individually (because this is the interface that is used to send the data that you want to translate into Steps to print from an Android device Before doing anything, what you have to check is that both the printer and the phone or tablet use the same WiFi network, otherwise you will not be able to print because devices with the Google operating system will not find the accessory in question. If this is the case, you must do the following to print something that you have saved: Open the application from which you want to print, an example is Drive, the one from Gallery or OneDrive from Microsoft.Now, open the document you want to print by clicking on it (it can be from an image to a PDF).Click on the Menu of more options that the app has, which is usually represented with an icon that it has three vertical dots in one of the corners of the screen. Among the options you will see, there is one called Print. In the upper area you can choose between the printers you have active by clicking on the drop-down. Select the one you want to use and then check that the quality and sheet settings are correct (you will see this just below). Now click on the Print button which is large and therefore lossless. You have finished the process completely. As you have verified, there is nothing complicated and, yes, have a little patience because the shipment, since it does not use cables, can take a while – since the Android operating system has to execute some internal processes so that everything goes well -. The reliability is total and, the truth is that this will reduce the use of computers at home considerably. >