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So you can know if your mobile is compatible with 5G

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5G mobile compatibility

Having a smartphone that is compatible with 5G networks is an aspect that many users look for in order to make use of faster connection when browsing the Internet, downloading content or viewing content on streaming platforms. However, not all smartphones have this capability.

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For this reason, if you have recently bought a smartphone, it is time to know if your Android or iOS mobile it’s compatible. The good thing is that more and more smartphones have this next-generation connection technology. In addition, at the moment it is one of the most important until the expected 6G arrives.

Check its features

One of the first options we will have to know if we can really connect to 5G networks with the phone will quickly take a look at its specifications. We can do it from the manufacturer’s own website, whether it is a Samsung, Xiaomi, iPhone or another brand, on its pages we will find the connection specifications of the Android or iOS device.

Although, in other cases, it will only be enough for us to see the smartphone box and check if the 5G symbol appears. If so, you must be clear that it is compatible with these networks. But, the ideal way to get out of doubt is see the technical characteristics of the device.

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5G mobile

Check it from the settings

However, another alternative that will also get us out of doubt is checking it from the connection settings of the Android or iOS device. Although, here there is a point to take into account and that is that, if we do not have a fee with 5G, it will be of no use to us, since we will not be able to connect to this state-of-the-art network. However, we will tell you the steps to follow to know if a mobile is compatible with 5G:

  • Android
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In the case of Android phones, you should know that, depending on the manufacturer’s customization layer (One UI, MIUI, ColorOS, etc.), the configuration menus will be different. So we will tell you some general steps: we enter Settings, touch on the section of Network and Internet/Mobile networks/Connections. Within this menu, click on Mobile data and then access the tab Preferred network type. If 5G appears, it means that the phone is compatible.

Android mobile 5G network

  • iPhone

iPhone mobiles have a peculiarity and that is that it was not until the iPhone 12 when 5G arrived on Apple phones. Therefore, if you have a smartphone from that generation, it will mean that you already have 5G. Although, we will tell you how you can check it from the iOS settings: go to the iOS app device configurationtouch on the section of Mobile data and access the Options tab. Then tap on Voice and data. If the 5G option appears, you will have this connection available and, therefore, your smartphone is compatible:

iPhone 5G

Therefore, in these different ways you will have the possibility to find out if your smartphone is compatible. But remember that if it doesn’t work for you, it may be because you area or locality does not have a 5G connection or your rate does not include this latest generation connection.

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