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So you can know how long it takes to read a web or text in Chrome

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We don’t always have the time we would like to have and we tend to face topics and articles without thinking if we will have time to read them in full. Sometimes it is enough to scroll to have a quick look and know if we dedicate a moment or better save it for later. But if you want to know the exact time it will take you to read an article, there is Google Chrome extensions They will take care of measuring it for you and find out the reading time of an article or website.

Some websites show reading time en its own interface thanks to measuring the words, lat average reading speed of the readers, etc. Many times you see an article and at the top you read the approximate minutes. But not all offer it and that is why there are extensions of Google Chrome that will tell you how long it takes to read a text, whether it is a news, a report or a science fiction text that you have found on the Internet and that you want to read.

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There is not only one google chrome extension That tells you how long it will take you, but there are several options that you can add for free to the browser to see which one you like the most and which one convinces you to use in your day to day.

Measure reading time

Reading Time

Reading Time is a free extension for Google Chrome It will tell you, as its name suggests, how long it will take you to read a text. In order to measure it, the first thing you will have to do is add the extension to your browser. Once it has been added to your taskbar you will have to click on its icon and go to the “Estimate your Reading speed” option. From this section you can do a test that will measure your reading speed: how many words are you able to read per minute. A text will appear, in English, and you can choose the font size (three options available) and the type of spacing (small, normal or large) Once you have decided, click on “start recording” and start reading. Right at the end of the text you will see a section to stop measuring and you will see the result of words per minute.

Once you have measured the time, you can click on the extension and from settings put the word number that you read per minute. You can also choose the position of the widget and its size. When you already have it, just open an article and it will appear on the web with the estimated reading time.

Reading Time Estimator

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Knowing the number of words you read per minute is important because you will have to remember it later to calculate how long it takes you to read a text. Reading Time Estimator is an interesting extension because you will be able to choose the piece of text you want to read and it will not mark it automatically. You will have to install the extension, free, in Google Chrome. Once you have it, check everything you want to read and click on the right button. In the pop-up window, you can mark Estimate read time from the extension. A new window will appear, type in the number of words per minute you are able to read and it will tell you the exact time of the article.

The advantage of this extension is that it is accurate and based on your own data. The main drawback is that you will have to select the text or to be able to measure it and it will not do it automatically when you open an article, a book or any other topic.

Reading Time

Save for later

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Once you’ve seen how long it takes you to read an article, it won’t always give you time to read it, but you can save it for later. Pocket, for example, is a very useful extension that you can have installed in Google Chrome but also synchronized with an application on your mobile phone and thus you can have organized all the texts that you have not read and that you want to read later. Go to the Google Chrome extensions store and search for “Save to Pocket

Once you access, log in with your data and you only have to click on the extension icon each time you want to save an article or website to read it later. You can also download the application for iOS and Android both to read the texts from your mobile phone when you have a moment or to store them also from there. They will automatically be synchronized between devices and you can always have any reading at hand.

Pocket - reading time

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