So you can hide YouTube Shorts when using the Google Chrome browser

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Depending on who you ask, YouTube Shorts can be an annoying feature on Google’s online video platform or, failing that, a great way to have fun with creations that are very reminiscent of those that exist on TikTok. Google has integrated the Shorts on the YouTube home page and it is also possible to find them in various sections of the site. There is no specific option to deactivate this section on the video platform (which for many is not exactly a positive thing). But third-party Google Chrome extensions can be of great help, and in this case it is to get rid of these creations that, for many, are not exactly attractive. What are YouTube Shorts? The creations we are talking about focus on creating vertical videos that do not exceed 60 seconds in length. Clearly, it’s an attempt by Google to keep YouTube in a relevant and competitive space, especially when it comes to some of the social networks that have launched just a few years ago. Launching globally in July 2021, Shorts has seen several enhancements, including revenue sharing opportunities for content creators and a steady increase in editing options. How to Hide YouTube Shorts in Google Chrome Users of the Chrome browser – and other Chromium-based browsers such as Microsoft’s Edge – can block Shorts on YouTube by doing the following: Load the Hide YouTube Shorts website in the Google Chrome web store. Chrome. The next thing you have to do is click on the “Add to” button on the page that you now see on your computer screen. You must confirm the request that appears to install the extension in the web browser. You should not be afraid of this, since there is no problem. The extension works automatically, which is always a positive, and will hide Shorts on YouTube – including the front page; the trends section; subscriptions; the list of recommendations; in the notification menu; channel pages; and, of course, in the search results-. Please note that you should refresh any active YouTube tabs if they were open before installing the extension in the web browser. Something you need to know Clicking on the extension icon in the browser will show options to allow Shorts on certain YouTube pages. Users who don’t want to see Shorts anywhere don’t need to open the menu, but those who want to see Shorts on some specific pages can customize the hiding here. >

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