So you can find out what things cause cancer and what things do not

pagina web donde puedes buscar que cosas causan o no cancer 1.jpg
pagina web donde puedes buscar que cosas causan o no cancer 1.jpg

It is possible that many of us have seen that popular meme in which when someone feels some discomfort or ailment, and consults it on Google, the answer always ends up being cancer.

This arose due to the constant concern that people feel that any symptom that manifests in their body is associated with this disease. When conducting a search on the Internet it can be difficult to determine to what extent the information found is reliable.

However, a team from Harvard School of Public Health took the initiative to create a solution to put an end to this matter.

This is Cancer Factfinder, a web page where users will have the opportunity to consult reliable and accurate information, showing it in a simplified way so that it can be easily understood.

Once inside the interface of this website, you will be able to observe several categories, such as diet and nutrition, consumer products and lifestyle.

Also, you can find categories related to occupations or elements present in the environment and to which we are exposed, also including drugs and medical procedures.

cancer factfinder website

Nevertheless, is the seeker the element that is most noticeable on this web page. This, due to the way in which it processes any entered term and then displays as a result a scientific explanation indicating whether or not it is causing cancer and why.

It is worth mentioning that all the information shown there comes from updated scientific studies made in humans and in the public domain.

However, the web interface is only available on English language, although we are sure that with the use of a good translator this will not be an obstacle for those who want to seek answers to their concerns about this disease.

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