So you can download an email from Gmail in PDF format step by step

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If you have an Android smartphone, it is more than likely that the application you use to manage your email is Gmail. This free development from Google is very complete and offers a good number of options that, in many cases, users are unaware of. An example is the possibility of downloading in PDF format the message that you are interested in being able to read at any time (even if you do not have a connection). Being able to do this is interesting for many reasons, apart from the one indicated above, such as to keep something safe that you want to keep permanently and to be sure that you will avoid any problems with the Gmail servers. Be that as it may, you can achieve this without having to install anything on the phone, since the Mountain View company’s own service application, even if you don’t know it, allows you to achieve this… and we are going to tell you what you have to do to take advantage of it Steps to download a Gmail email as a PDF We have chosen to carry out the steps in the Android application of the email client we are talking about, but it works practically the same on any other operating system. Without endangering anything and with a speed that will surprise you, if you follow the steps that we are going to indicate, you will achieve the objective we are talking about in just a few seconds. Open the app as usual on your Android phone or tablet. Now, enter the message that you want to export in PDF format. If you are not in that place, you will not be able to download. You will see that a menu appears with many options, which are the management options offered by Gmail. Among them, look for Print and use it to access the screen where you can do this in one of the accessories you have at home and that are connected by WiFi. In the upper area, if you click, you can choose between the different printers that are available on the network to which you are connected. But, in addition, there is an option that is Save as PDF. Click on it and you will be able to choose at this moment the place where you want the document to be stored and the name of the file (before you can select the pages that will be exported or other additional options). And, with this last step, you have finished and You already have the result of the document in the Google client safely. Simple and, best of all, very effective is this tool that is included in Gmail and that is of great help to have the information perfectly located and saved. Therefore, it is important that you know that the Google application allows you to do this. >

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