So you can decide how long you silence someone on Instagram


In practically all social networks and messaging applications we can block users that we do not want to read or that we do not want to communicate with us. But there are other interesting functions that allow us to not be so strict and they are not so definitive. For example, mute. We can silence users on Instagram without it being a problem with that person (because they won’t know) but without being bothered by their updates or notifications.

We must take into account, first of all, one thing. We can mute on Instagram in many different ways and the photography app allows us to mute a contact from seeing their stories on Instagram or from seeing their posts if they are the typical guy who uploads millions of photos on vacation or continually uploads spam and results annoying. But also can we mute on instagram notifications by direct message if there is a person who responds to everything we upload, who writes to us continuously, etc.

Mute posts and stories

To mute posts and stories, the steps are very simple:

  • We open the Instagram profile that we want to silence
  • Go to the “following” section or button under your biography
  • A series of options will appear:
    • Add to best friends list
    • Add to Favorites
    • Mute
    • Restrict
    • Stop following
  • We touch on the one that interests us: Mute

Now we will see three options through switches that we can mark:

  • Publications
  • stories
  • Grades

mute instagram

We choose the ones we want to silence and they will not appear in the feed or on our screen until we change this setting. In addition, Instagram indicates that will not notify this person that you have muted it so it won’t know that you don’t see its contents.

mute messages

But there is another option that we can use on Instagram and that is to silence messages or silence conversations. For example, if someone texts you a lot. Until March 2023, we could mute a conversation permanently and unmute it at any time. But since March 2023 we can choose how long to mute a person so that the mute unmute itself. Or until we change it.

In this case, what we have to do is go to the chat with that user and tap on the top of the screen. The details of the chat will open where photos or videos that you have sent to each other (if you have done so) and a series of options will appear. Among them, those that interest us: silence messages. If you touch the switch mute messagesAs you can see in the screenshot below, a series of different options will appear.

We can choose between several different options for the silence to last:

  • For 1 hour
  • for 8 hours
  • for 24 hours
  • Until I change it


We can choose the one that interests us, as we have been doing with WhatsApp for a long time. That way we won’t mute that person forever, but you will mute notifications if you think they’re going to text you while you’re sleeping, for example, or just if you want to mute them for some reason for an hour or a whole day, whatever the reason you have.


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