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    So you can block the internet connection of any application on Android

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    When we do not want the applications we use on the smartphone to connect to the internet, we simply turn off the Wi-Fi and data. We also have a more radical solution, which is to apply the well-known Airplane Mode that blocks all connections. However, it should be noted that it is also possible to block the internet connection of a specific application on Android. This is something that we can find in the Android version of Stock or Android Pure and also in some layers of customization.

    However, if your device does not have the function to achieve this, we will show you a third-party application that will help you block the connection.

    Block an application’s internet connection with Android options

    As we mentioned before, the so-called Pure Android, that is, as the stock operating system comes from Google, it has the possibility of blocking the internet in a specific Android application. However, not all computers have this version and instead have layers of customization that may or may not have this feature.

    In that sense, to locate the option you will have to go to the Settings and then enter the Applications section where you can manage its configuration in the system.

    There, you will see the option to block access to mobile data and WiFi. However, there are particular cases such as that of Xiaomi with MIUI where the option only allows to prevent the connection with mobile data.

    Net Blocker

    If your computer does not have the option to block internet access to an application or it has it incomplete as in the case of Xiaomi, then you should know Net Blocker. It is an app that allows us to do exactly what we need, to prevent any app from connecting to the internet.

    To achieve this, Net Blocker creates a VPN connection to where it diverts the traffic of the selected applications, denying their exit to the network. Its way of using it is very simple, just run it to see all the apps capable of connecting to the internet. When you want to block one, just touch the balloon icon that appears next to it, this will display a notification, accept and that’s it.

    In this way, you can block the applications you want so that they cannot have a connection to the network, until you decide.

    To get Net Blocker, follow this link.