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So you can block the Inactivity Detection API in Chrome automatically

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Among all the novelties of Chrome 94, there was one that until now continues to generate a lot of criticism. This is the Inactivity Detection API, aimed at allowing sites to know when we have not interacted with them for a long time. The criticisms are oriented to the fact that the web should not have access to know whether or not we are in front of the PC. Therefore, we will present you the way to block the request to access this Chrome API.

Considering that the function requires user permissions, we will show you how to deny them automatically, preventing the sites from requesting it.

Steps to automatically deny permissions to the Chrome Idle Detection API

While Google has defended the usefulness of the Inactivity Detection API, Mozilla and Apple have lashed out at it. What is alleged in this regard is that it is an open door for abuse in the collection of user data. That is, this API is capable of knowing when we interact or not with the keyboard and mouse, it can know about whether the screen saver was executed and other additional functions. In that sense, it is clear that many people can view it with complete distrust.

However, it should be noted that the Inactivity Detection API needs user permissions to start operating. In that sense, it can be everyday now that when entering a website, it requests permissions to access the API. If you want to avoid this, you should know that it is possible to block the API request in Chrome.

To do this, the first thing you should do is open the browser, type the following in the address bar and press Enter: Chrome: // settings / content / idleDetection

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This will take you directly to the section to configure the behavior of this section. There, you will see the option to not allow access to the API, enable it and the browser will reject all requests to access the Inactivity Detection API automatically.