So you can add the addresses of your contacts to Google Maps

asi puedes agregar las direcciones de tus contactos a google maps.jpg
asi puedes agregar las direcciones de tus contactos a google maps.jpg

It is essential to make the most of the tools available to facilitate our daily lives. One of these tools is Google Maps, which not only helps us find directions, but also it also allows us to store important locations.

That being said, and if you want to save time and have the addresses of your contacts at hand in your favorite map application, keep reading carefully. Next, we explain how you can easily add the addresses of your contacts to Google Maps.

Well yes, in Google Maps you can add your contacts to have them located without having to enter the maps app and look for their address every time you need it. So, the first thing you will have to do to carry out this is look for its address on the map and click on the placeand then when the information panel is displayed, click on add label.

Once this is done, you will have to choose what name to give the site, that is, the name of the contact who lives in that area in question. Once you have defined the name, you will be able to see on the screen that you can clarify if that address is your contact’s home, work or any other address.

At this point you will then be able to see on Google Maps the address in question highlighted with the contact icon or with the name of the person. In fact, something that is also quite interesting is that that contact’s name will now be shown to you in search suggestionsso it will be possible to find it quickly and easily.

And that would be all. In case you want to remove your contact from Google Maps, you only need to click on the site on the map, then on edit label and finally that you delete the name that you gave to the place. As you can see, both do and undo this option It is quite simple and surely you can find a great use for it, so take advantage of it.

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