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So you can add collaborators to your Instagram posts

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Meta has some of the most famous applications used in the world of smartphones. It is very likely that you have Facebook and therefore Instagram, not to mention that messaging applications are also your forte with the use of WhatsApp. But today we are going to focus on one of the most interesting functions for users of the photography application; the possibility of add a collaborator to our publications.

Add a collaborator on Instagram to reach more people

Instagram is a social network in which we can constantly create publications, many of these publications can be made with collaborators. This is a function that has been with us for some time, but which has now become more relevant.

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In this way, and in an easy way, what we can do is add an author or contributor to the same post to have it shared on your feed. Among its great benefits is that we can reach more followers, so it will serve as a way to advertise an account.

Now this has some ins and outs. The first of all is the basic one: the other user, collaborator or author you must accept our request. Or what is the same; We cannot make use of this feature if the other person has not accepted us into this feature. In any case, as we will read in the following, this can be achieved with the appropriate and simple steps.

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What is it about

As such, this function that all of us can use from our Instagram account is about Collabswhose mission is “to allow people to create communities and unite the world more”, as the platform itself says, committing to “foster a safe and supportive community for all”.

Thus all participants can join of the photo or video published as co-authors or collaborators of the same, where the name of each of these users will be displayed at the top of the publication, and it will be displayed in the respective profiles of each one.

Collab Instagram what is it

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In those, the truth is that it is not a content co-creation tool, but Collabs is simply a tool for share authorship of content. That is when we can do it ourselves (with the authorization or permission of the other person, we reiterate).

How can we do it

When content is published under the Collabs option, users will be able to add the co-author so that in the top of the image your name appears. When this happens, the author of the image will have a new option available next to the tagging button to send an invitation to the co-author.

The latter may ignore or accept said invitation. In the first case, the content (image or video) will be published only with the name of the author, and in the second case, the invitation is accepted, the publication will appear on both profiles with the name of the two users as authors.

To do so, we will simply have to follow the same ones for the creation of a new publication. This is from the “+” icon, choice of content, possible editing… When we reach the screen prior to publication, in the menu we will find the option Tag people. Once this is done we will go to the option Invite a collaborator. When you have invited the collaborator, his profile will appear at the bottom of the image. Right here you are informed that “if X accepts, your publication will be shared with his followers and this person will appear as the author of the publication”.

When you have finished the invitation, the other profile will see a notification that “X has invited you to collaborate on his publication”. You will press the review option, where you will be asked if you want to accept the invitation. And once you accept it, the publication will appear on both profiles.

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