So you can access the advanced menu of Windows 11 with this simple shortcut

so you can access the advanced menu of windows 11.jpg
so you can access the advanced menu of windows 11.jpg

Windows 11 advanced menu

Windows 11 is full of very practical applications and tools that help us configure the system we want. In this way, we can modify at will some of the options included in the operating system, as well as put the dark mode, adjust screen parameters, access the Wi-Fi network of our router or manage the processes of the programs that we have installed. , among other things. For access the advanced menu and explore all these settings, we can use a very simple shortcut.

It seemed that the Windows Start menu was going to disappear with the inclusion of Windows 10 and later the arrival of Windows 11, but no. Finally, Microsoft has chosen to leave it intact, since it is used for many more things than it appears. Without going any further, on all desktop and laptop keyboards with the inclusion of Windows we have a key symbolized with the icon of this operating system that serves largely to make very simple shortcuts.

And within this advanced Windows menu we can find multiple applications that have changed over time and others have been updated to improve the user experience. However, if we want to remove these options from the menu, we cannot do so, as they are default system tools that remain permanent in this hidden Windows menu. For access the advanced menu quickly and immediatelyyou just have to follow the following instructions.

Access the advanced menu of Windows 11

The steps you must take into account to access the Windows advanced menu are extremely simple. To do this, we are going to tell you two ways to access this feature of Windows 11. First of all, you must place the mouse pointer on the Windows start menu icon, do right click and you will see a drop-down menu with all the advanced functions. The second way, and the simplest and fastest, is by pressing two buttons simultaneously: Windows + X.

Below, you can see the different functions that Windows offers you with quick and advanced startup, and those that are most commonly used to make any type of system configuration.

Windows 11 advanced menu

Advanced Menu Applications

Windows 11 has up to 14 configuration options from the advanced menu. Among them, we are going to detail the most important ones.

On the one hand, we find the function Ā«Installed applicationsĀ» which, as the name itself indicates, is a direct access to all the applications that we have installed on our hard drive, both those that come pre-installed in Windows, such as the Calculator, the Camera, Notepad, Mail and Calendar etc., such as those that we install ourselves, such as Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat, Google Chrome, etc.

Immediately afterwards, we come across the “Energy options”which gives us immediate access to screen sleep, set power modes or battery saving if we are working with a laptop.

Therefore, the tool “System” It is one of the most important, since you can find out about all the specifications that your device contains with a simple click. In addition, you will also be able to see the version of Windows that you have installed on your computer and see the activation status of the product.

Next, we can investigate the sections of “Device administrator” to check what software, security and storage drivers we have installed and if they work correctly, as well as audio inputs and outputs. But we also have at hand the “Disk Manager” and “Team Manager”with the aim of viewing the storage units that we have connected to the computer.

Last but not least, we have access to the “Task Manager” which is used to manage system applications, enabling and disabling them if we do not want them to start when Windows starts, for example.

It is worth mentioning that we can turn off the computer or log out through the advanced menu using the Windows + X key combination in a much easier and more comfortable way.

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