So iPod shuffle is making a comeback on TikTok


If you think that the trends on TikTok are on average to put your hands in your hair, then in the latest fashion that is spreading on the hottest social network of recent times you could find literal proof. For a few weeks theiPod Shuffle, and precisely the fourth generation (launched in 2010 and withdrawn from the market in 2017), has in fact conquered the ByteDance platform. More than an mp3 player, however, Apple’s music player has been resurrected by Gen Z as hair clip, taking advantage of the clip that allowed it to be easily attached to the pants and the minimal and colorful design.

Starting from this first trend, the iPod shuffle is experiencing a sort of “posthumous” second youth on TikTok, where there are many videos where younger users (ie the most populous demographic target on social networks) mark the gap with the generations by framing the music player and asking what it is. And there is no lack of those who, even in response to this wave of content, simply decide to recover while using it for its original purpose, which is to listen to music.

As mentioned, the iPod shuffle was withdrawn from the market 5 years ago, in 2017. But it seems that even more time has passed: long before Apple ceased production and distribution, in fact, mp3 players in general, iPod included (which turned 20 in 2021), had lost their role, as we explained to you among other things in our special dedicated to one of the most iconic products of the last decade.

This new and unexpected popularity on TikTok, considering the average age of the most active users, can be strange. And yet, after all, it is not such a strange phenomenon if read with the lens of technological nostalgia, which over the years has already produced market niches and returning phenomena: let’s think for example of the old Game Boys and in general of the videogame consoles of the past, and how around these objects a whole commercial trend has been produced, ranging from their official replicas (such as that of the first PlayStation and the Super Nintendo) to smartphone covers. Of course, the rhythms of technology have become increasingly tight, and so have those of nostalgia: and a bit like the remakes of games released ten years ago, even finding the iPod shuffle associated with the hashtag #vintage makes us feel alone. older, faster.