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Snapchat Plus is now available in Spain

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Snapchat has just announced that its premium mode, Snapchat Plus, is now available in Spain with a subscription that costs 4.49 euros per month.

Snapchat continues to bet on augmented reality with its Lens Studio platform and its Spectacles augmented reality glasses

The premium version of Snapchat has enjoyed great success wherever it started, to the point of being even more profitable than Twitter Blue, Twitter’s payment platform. Some of the characteristics of this payment method that is already available in Spain are:

-Custom stories expiration: You can set a period from one hour to one week for the published Snaps to expire.

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-Customization of notification sounds: The user will be able to assign different tones to the notifications coming from different contacts, in order to be able to distinguish them and know who has snapped them without even having to look at the mobile phone.

-Customization of the border color of the camera: While the content is being captured, the screen will be able to project the color selected by the user.

-New Bitmoji backgrounds: It is an exclusive selection of seasonal Bitmojis, with which, for example, enriching user profiles with Halloween or Christmas motifs.

-Badge: A special badge highlights on the user’s profile that they are someone with a Snapchat Plus account.

-Priority response: The subscriber’s responses to Snapchat+ will be more visible to Snap Stars.

-Signature with emoji: It is a way to sign the Snaps with an emoji chosen by the user and that will be shown to the contacts after viewing the Snap.

-Custom Icons: On the home screen, the icons can be changed to others exclusive to Snapchat applications.

In addition, starting in December, Snapchat will allow Spanish users to gift a premium subscription to their friends as well, at the same price.

With these and other novelties, Snapchat enhances its visual messaging application, complemented by Lens Studio, its augmented reality platform, and with Spectacles, the augmented reality glasses, forming its own ecosystem in which this modality of communication is increasingly relevant. inclusion of virtual layers of information about the physical worldsomething in which Snapchat has enjoyed great success since the incorporation of its filters capable of adding live changes to images and videos on the face of users.

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