Snapchat is looking for a Commercial Director for its new office in Madrid

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Snapchat continues to grow and add users in the United States and Latin America, but its presence in most European countries is not very wide, at least compared to other mobile social apps.

Snapchat will open offices in Spain and Italy throughout 2022

While worldwide it has grown by 49% in terms of the number of users in the last year, in Europe it has done so by 7%. That is why the company has decided to open more offices in Europe with the aim of gaining a presence on the continent and becoming one more alternative for younger users of social platforms.

In this sense, Snap Inc, owner of Snapchat and Spectacles glasses, will open an office in Spain and another in Italy in the first months of 2022, as published Cotizalia. The objective is to increase the company’s presence in southern Europe and eminently commercial profiles are already being sought to join the team.


The company, which has already been registered in the Mercantile Registry under the name Snapchat SL., Will be led by Alejandro Arenas, until now head of social networks for Real Madrid. Its main purpose will be to increase the number of users, frequency and time of use of the Snapchat social network in Spain, but it will also undoubtedly be to open the field at a commercial level in the country.

The main social networks -Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn … – They have small offices located in Madrid for mainly commercial purposes. Snapchat will also base its operations center in Spain in Madrid, while in Italy, where the search for profiles has also begun, it will do so in Milan.

On the Snapchat job page you can see how looking for a commercial manager for the Madrid office. As stated in the text, it is stated: «Working from the new office in Madrid and reporting to the director of market development for southern Europe, the new Snapchat sales executive in Spain will use the brand, features, content and offers of Snap to drive the growth of the Snapchat community and interaction through cross-market projects and deals “