Home Tech News Snapchat is back on track after users reported service failures

    Snapchat is back on track after users reported service failures

    snapchat reporte sin servicio 1.png
    snapchat reporte sin servicio 1.png

    Snapchat had problems similar to those Facebook had a week ago when its services were unavailable for 7 hours. In the case of Snapchat, it was only 4 hours in which users had problems with the application

    Of course this situation was less noticeable because there are fewer users on this network. Users report inability to post videos, send private messages, and interact with videos that were already posted. On the other hand, according to Snapchat, these problems only occurred in “tens of thousands of users”, instead of millions.

    Fixed issues

    The first tweet of @Snapchatsupport It was around 9 AM that they warned that they were already aware of the problem. While at 11:30 they announced by the same means that everything had been solved. However, problems are being reported since before 9 AM, so Snapchat was not actually working for about four hours.

    The failure of Snap Inc.’s services comes at a bad time as right now they are in a desperate attempt to compete directly with TikTok. Snapchat was one of the first social networks known to offer videos of less than 30 seconds as its main content. Initially he was related to “sexting” but Snap has been changing the image of its social network to suit all audiences.

    A year ago Snap launched Spotlight, a kind of feed or wall where we can see the videos of other unknown users. And it also introduced a way to reward publishers who make viral videos on the platform with money.

    Although TikTok is clearly gaining, Snap has increased its value and has begun to expand to other products such as smart glasses.