Snapchat allows you to insert YouTube videos as a sticker

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Snapchat has introduced a new feature to make it easier to insert YouTube videos into a Snap or Story. Until now, for include a YouTube video in a Snapchat post it was necessary to copy the link, paste it into the post and attach it as an external link. From now on, this process can be done in a faster and more direct way. The tool is now available for both Android and iOS devices.

YouTube videos can now be embedded directly into a Snapchat post

The user must enter the YouTube website or app and enter the video they want to share through Snapchat. Once inside it, you will have to Click on the “Share” button. Next you will see a window with the different apps through which you can share the YouTube video, and you must select Snapchat.

Snapchat Youtube

Doing so will open the Snapchat app and the selected video will automatically appear embedded in a sticker as a thumbnail. This will show the title of the video and the name of its author. Once the video is embedded in the Snapchat post, the user will be able to edit the sticker by resizing it, rotating it, or placing it anywhere on the screen.

Contacts who see the snap or story will have to click on the sticker to see the full video. However, video viewing will not take place within SnapchatInstead, the sticker will redirect the user to the YouTube app or website.

Despite this new tool to embed YouTube videos, Snapchat still will allow inserting these with the old method. This does not allow editing the sticker in the same way, and it does not show the name of the creator of the video.

The social network, which at the end of last year reached 280 million users, already introduced a very similar function at the end of 2020 to insert tweets in its publications.