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Snapchat allows parents to limit the type of content their children see

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Snapchat is adding a new tool to parental controls to help teens use the app responsibly.

This new option complements the parental controls Snapchat launched last year, which helps parents see who their kids are interacting with. This new update focuses on the type of content that teens can view on the app.

New parental control option on Snapchat

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Last year, Snapchat implemented the “Family Center”, a tool that allows parents to have knowledge about the friends or people with whom their children communicate in the application. Of course, without violating the privacy of the content of the messages.

And now a new option has been added for parents to limit the type of content that their children can view in the app. While Snapchat has a moderation system as well as content editorial guidelines, parents will be able to filter some more content on the app so teens aren’t exposed to sensitive or suggestive content.

To apply this filter, it will be necessary for parents to have configured the Family Center with their children, and activate the option “Restrict sensitive content” within the configuration. Once they take that action, teens will no longer see certain content in Stories and Spotlight because it will be locked.

One detail to keep in mind is that this filter does not affect the rest of the sections of the app, so parents will not be able to control the content that their children find in searches, chats or Snaps.

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The objective of the Snapchat team is not only to provide tools for parents to control the way their children use the app, but also to encourage communication between them for a responsible use of this medium.

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