Snapchat adds new chat features

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Snapchat, which is seeking a greater implantation in Europe with the opening of a new office in Madrid -for where it looks for commercial profiles- and in Milan (Italy), has just presented new chat functions that make the social network similar to a messaging platform snapshot.

The new features for Snapchat chat are now available in both the iOS and Android apps

Based on the concept of the ephemeral, which was already popularized by the platform with its Stories more than five years ago, the new functions for Snapchat chat are now available for both the Android and iOS apps.

These are the new features for Snapchat Chat:

-Response to a Chat: With this new function you can reply to individual messages within a chat, which will help to better understand the conversations within a group chat. As in WhatsApp or Telegram, where this possibility also exists, you just have to hold down a message to be able to perform this function.

-Reactions with Bitmoji: From now on you can reply to any message with a Bitmoji. These reactions further emphasize the fleeting messages.

-Stickers of Surveys: Polls from Emojis can now be added to Snaps and Stories to ask friends what they think. In Snapchat surveys, Emojis should be used instead of text.

In addition, in the case of Snapchat, the responses to the surveys are not anonymous, thus ensuring that they are considerate and friendly. To create a Survey, you just have to try the new function inside the Stickers folder, as it is already enabled.

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-Improvements in Calls: Snapchat has changed the interface for video and audio calls to make live conversations more fun. Adding lenses or previewing who has joined a group call before accessing it is now easier than ever.