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Snap and Amazon Fashion partner so you can try on glasses virtually

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Snap, the parent company of Snapchat, and Amazon Fashion have partnered to allow millions of Snapchat users the ability to virtually try on thousands of eyewear options from different brands and styles through a new Augmented Reality experience within Snapchat. .

Glasses thus become the first product category to be part of Snapchat’s new Virtual Try-On (VTO) experience.

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To make this possible, both companies have established 3D asset standards so that Amazon Fashion’s large library of assets can be seamlessly integrated with Snap’s AR Try-On technology, along with detailed product information and dynamic updates. thereof.

In this way, users will not only have access to thousands of glasses options, but also know their characteristics, and even availability to carry out the purchase if they are convinced.

Expanding product testing experiences virtually

Amazon Fashion wants to take advantage of the pull of mobile shopping and its interest in new forms of collaboration with brands to offer these new experiences through its profile, @amazonfashion, which it has on Snapchat, also taking advantage of the growing community of users that it is experiencing this social media platform.

For in Schwerin, Senior Vice President of Partnerships, Snap Inc.:

With the combination of innovation and technology between Snap and Amazon, we’re unlocking exciting new trial experiences for hundreds of millions of Snapchat users. AR eyewear is just the first step in our partnership, and we look forward to continuing our innovation together.

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The new experience will be available through @amazonfashion’s public profile on Snapchat, in the Snap Lens Browser in the For You and Wear tabs, as well as in the Snapchat camera lens carousel, both companies said in their blog post. release.

In it they also point out that Snapchat users can also go to the Amazon Fashion profile to search for other products from among thousands of possible options, which will have links to Amazon to proceed with purchases.

In this way, Amazon accentuates its commitment so that users can try on products virtually through augmented reality, having started with the lipstick test.

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