Smartphones with 24GB of RAM on the way: it could soon become the “normal”

smartphones with 24gb of ram on the way: it could
smartphones with 24gb of ram on the way: it could


24GB of RAM on a smartphone could soon represent the normality: Digital Chat Station is convinced of this, reporting on Weibo the indiscretion according to which i first devices with this amount of memory they would be in home straight. With one between oppo, OnePlus And realme suspected of starting this one new course.

In essence, the brand’s next-generation smartphones (DCS speaks in general of “Oga” to which the brands mentioned above refer, without however revealing which of the three) could be offered in the cut from 16 GB of RAM understood as a configuration “standard“, while the 24GB solution would be destined for the top-of-the-range variant.

After the MegaPixel rush (speaking of Realme, the latest smartphone with a 200MP camera is his), so one could soon start new competition among the producers. And just as more MP does not necessarily mean better quality of the shot, the same can be said for RAM: it will perhaps be easier to exploit this specific technique for marketing purposes rather than obtaining actual benefits in terms of performance and user experience.

ASUS ROG Phone 6 Pro

The performance of a smartphone does not depend on a single parameter – in this case the RAM – but on many factors concerning hardware and software. It is possible that 24GB could represent the gateway to new features – especially in gaming – but currently everything is definitely done – and well – with lower amounts of memory.

To date over 18GB of RAM did not go: at the top of this “special ranking” we find among others Nubia Z40S Pro and Rog Phone 6 Pro.

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