Smartphone with 200 MP camera also coming to Xiaomi: will it be the 12T Pro?


Xiaomi may also soon present a smartphone with a 200 MP camera: the specific model could be the 12T Pro. In recent days a Vietnamese tech YouTube channel shared the indiscretion – or rather: it did not explicitly say the model name, but from the rest of the details described it was easy to “triangulate” with the rumors that emerged earlier.

It is not clear which Samsung 200 MP sensor will be used: remember that the South Korean giant presented the first, ISOCELL HP1, last year, while HP3 is fresh from launch; although initially it was configured as an heir, it appears increasingly evident that in reality it is a slightly lower range proposal, especially if you look at the physical size of the sensor (1 / 1.22 format against 1 / 1.4). No smartphone has yet officially arrived on the market with one of the two sensors.

Since Xiaomi 12T Pro is expected to be a high-end device, but not a top one, it is more likely that it will be equipped with an ISOCELL HP3, unlike for example the Motorola Moto X30 Pro which should be a “pure” flagship and therefore should rely on the HP1. It is interesting to observe that historically the main sensor has always been the same for the Pro and “standard” variants of the top of the Xiaomi range, so one wonders if the 12T will also keep the tradition.

For the rest, Xiaomi 12T Pro should have a 120 Hz AMOLED display, Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip and at least one of the internal storage memory cuts should be 256GB. The price fluctuates between 13 and 15 million Vietnamese dong, which at the current exchange rate is approximately € 550-634. We do not know when the device will be released, but it is interesting to note that the company has just launched the “S” range in China, consisting of three models – 12s (opening image), 12s Pro and 12s Ultra, and just today it arrived in China. Italy on 12 Lite.

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