Smartphone market: the current situation in the world and in Europe


The smartphone market is constantly under observation: from its dynamics a lot of information is extrapolated on the trend of the sector that allow us to have an (almost) precise picture of the industry as a whole and of individual manufacturers. That the third quarter was not particularly good from the point of view of shipments we have already seen it with the data provided by Gartner, now confirmed by the calculations of Counterpoint Research according to which in the months of July, August and September the decline in shipments was 6% compared to the same quarter of the previous year. In particular:

  • smartphone shipments:
    • Q3 2021: 342 million
    • Q3 2020: 365.6 million

A different story, however, for the revenues, which despite everything have increased to reach the record quota of 100 billion dollars. As in the case where the comparison is made on an annual basis, where 6% remains valid, but with the plus sign.

  • smartphone shipments:
    • -6% on an annual basis
    • + 6% compared to Q2 2021
    • units shipped Q3 2021: 342 million

The trend of the so-called feature phone market is interesting, albeit marginal:

  • feature phone shipments:
    • -16% on an annual basis
    • + 12% compared to Q2 2021
    • 38% of feature phones are shipped to the MEA region (Middle East, Africa)
    • in Europe shipments fell by 40%

Samsung is the market leader with 20% market share, followed by Apple, Xiaomi, vivo, Oppo and Realme:

  • Samsung: 20%
    • + 20% in shipments compared to the previous quarter
    • 69.3 million units shipped
  • Apple: 14%
    • + 15% shipments on an annual basis
    • 48 million units shipped
  • Xiaomi: 13%
    • -5% of shipments on an annual basis
    • -15% of shipments on a quarterly basis
    • 44 million smartphones shipped
    • is one of the brands that has suffered the most from the chip crisis
  • alive: 10%
  • Oppo: 10%
  • Realme: 5%
    • 16.2 million smartphones shipped, a record for the brand


  • Samsung: 34%
  • Apple: 20%
  • Xiaomi: 19%
  • Oppo: 6%
  • realme: 3%


  • HMD second behind itel with 16% market share
  • Samsung fifth with a share of 5%
  • in Europe HMD is first with 38% of shares, followed by Bright & Quick (8%), itel (5%), Doro (5%) and Fly (4%)