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smart tuya doorbell with camera tmezon mz dv11 door viewer in.jpeg
smart tuya doorbell with camera tmezon mz dv11 door viewer in.jpeg

Digital door viewers with a camera and interior display are quickly installed. The Tmezon MZ-DV11 offers HD resolution, microSD card support and intercom function.

If you already use a conventional door viewer, you can easily replace it with a digital version with a camera and interior display. Thanks to the wireless connection and integrated battery, no cabling is required. The MZ-DV11 model from the Chinese manufacturer Tmezon records videos with a wide field of view of 140°, stores videos locally on a microSD card and is compatible with the Tuya Smart Home world. This allows the digital door viewer to be combined with other Tuya components for smart home scenarios. In addition, users are informed about visitors in front of the door via an integrated motion detector. Thanks to the integrated intercom function, you can use these to communicate immediately even from afar. You can also extend control of the digital door viewer to other people via the Tuya app. If you are on site and don’t have a smartphone at hand, you can also use the 4.3-inch interior display to track who is in front of the door. However, Tmezon has dispensed with the support of digital voice assistants.

The scope of delivery of the Tmezon MZ-DV11 consists of an outdoor unit with HD camera, loudspeaker, motion detector, microphone, doorbell button, infrared LED and light sensor. The case leaves a somewhat chunky impression because Tmezon doesn’t have sloping sides that make it look a little more elegant. A ribbon cable runs out of the housing and is connected to the interior display via the door viewer channel. This offers a 4.3-inch screen, which is activated via the button at the bottom edge. It also has an on/off switch on the underside, as well as a microSD card slot and a micro-USB socket for the included charging cable. A power pack is not included in the scope of delivery, but three pairs of screws with different lengths for correspondingly wide doors are.

In order to be able to mount the digital door viewer Tmezon MZ-DV-11, the previously used model must be removed. We already have the classic, previously used door viewer for the test of the Ezviz CP4 (test report)away. Therefore, the exchange with the MZ-DV11 was easy. After all, we had already widened the spy hole channel with a drill so that the installation of the outdoor unit went smoothly at first. The metal plate intended for mounting is screwed to the outdoor unit from the inside with two screws. In the test, however, this was not without problems, since the resistance when screwing it on was initially too great. Only after we have removed the outdoor unit again and pre-installed the screws intended for fastening and then inserted them into the door viewer channel from the outside can the screws for holding the metal plate be tightened from the inside. Then the ribbon cable of the outdoor unit is connected via a socket in the display housing. This is now inserted into the holder from above.

The manual officially recommends using the door viewer with the Smart Life app. However, since we already operate some Tuya components with the Tuya Smart app, which is also compatible with the Tuya platform, we also use them to control the door viewer. This has the advantage that you can combine already used Tuya components for automation in combination with the door viewer.

In order for the app connection to work, the Tmezon MZ-DV11 door viewer must be in pairing mode. This is activated by pressing the button on the display for five seconds. Now a woman’s voice will be heard, prompting us in English to connect the device to the app. To do this, we tap on the plus sign in the top right of the Tuya app, then on Add device and then in the Camera & lock area on Smart Doorbell . Now we select a 2.4 GHz WLAN, enter the WLAN password and thus complete the pairing with the app. The digital door viewer is now ready for use.

The app does not offer many setting options, but this improves the clarity. In the main menu you can see the live image of the camera with information on the signal strength of the wireless network, the status of the battery and the menu tiles Photograph, Speak, Record, Photo Album, Cloud Storage and Playback . The settings can be accessed via the edit symbol at the top right. Information about the device can be called up here or certain configurations such as audio mode, infrared night vision, volume of the voice output (noise) and motion detection (PIR switch) can be made. Unfortunately, different ringtones are not available, so you have to be content with the standard ringtone.

As soon as you press the button on the indoor unit, the display is activated. When first activated, however, it takes two to three seconds for the screen to show what is happening in front of the door. Users receive notifications on their smartphone much faster as soon as the camera detects movement. Notification is also quickly sent to the smartphone if someone presses the peephole bell. Thanks to the integrated two-way audio function, you can then speak to the person in front of the door. However, the speaker sounds a bit tinny. But it is sufficient for a short conversation.

Although according to the specification the microSD card slot only supports cards with a capacity of 32 GB, a Samsung Evo with 64 GB also worked in the test. To store videos, you can also book a paid cloud subscription for just under 40 euros per year.

Alarm messages that have accumulated are not found in the main menu of the camera, but via Profile – Message. All alarm notifications of all Tuya devices used are listed here. However, detected movements are only displayed in the form of a photo. Clicking on “Click to view” only activates the live stream of the camera. If you want to view previously recorded videos, tap Playback in the camera menu. There is a time scale there, but no marker for recorded videos, which makes searching for a specific sequence cumbersome. Ezviz, for example, solved this much better with the CP4.

The MZ-DV11’s maximum field of view of 140 degrees is also lower than that of the CP4, which offers 166 degrees. The image quality is okay for an HD camera. However, door viewers with Full HD resolution, such as the already mentioned CP4 from Ezviz, deliver significantly sharper images.

The digital door viewer Tmezon MZ-DV11 is only available through Amazon. The device normally costs around 120 euros. It is currently available with a discount of 15 percent for just under 102 euros .


In the test, the digital door viewer MZ-DV11 was not entirely convincing. Although notifications about registered movements are timely, the alarm history only provides access to photos. Automatically recorded videos are only accessible in the Playback menu. Unfortunately, there is no timestamp for events, so the search is correspondingly tedious. The intercom function, on the other hand, works perfectly. As soon as a person presses the bell button on the door viewer, users receive a notification on their smartphone and can speak to the person.

It records videos locally on a microSD card, which is not included in the scope of delivery. The assembly is a bit tricky, but shouldn’t pose serious problems for anyone. Thanks to the large battery capacity of 5,000 mAh, the Tmezon MZ-DV11 digital door viewer does not have to be charged frequently. If you can do without the control of voice assistants such as Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri, the Tmezon MZ-DV11 is an inexpensive digital door viewer that can be combined with other Tuya-compatible devices for automation thanks to Tuya compatibility. Thanks to the simple operation and the tidy surface, the device is also suitable for beginners.

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