Smart Home Standard Matter: This is how Apple is preparing for it

smart home standard matter this is how apple is preparing.jpg
smart home standard matter this is how apple is preparing.jpg

Version 1.0 of the smart home standard is ready. Apple prepares its operating systems as a control center. What users can expect.


The days of separate smart home worlds will soon be over. With version 1.0 of the smart home standard Matter, the rules and general conditions are defined. In the future, Apple users will also be able to control Matter-compatible devices from their iPhones, iPads and Macs. This means that suitable smart home technology, which previously only worked with Google or Amazon software, can also be controlled directly from the iPhone. So far, only HomeKit devices have had a direct connection to the Home app, but this will become the control center in the future.


More than 280 companies are members of the Matter Group – including Apple, Amazon and Google. With the version 1.0 specifications, manufacturers can not only develop new products, but also adapt existing ones and add Matter capability. Apple announced this in June at the WWDC developer conference.

With Matter 1.0, these preparations can now enter the final round. In the past few weeks, Matter has already appeared in the betas of version 16.1 of the iPhone operating system iOS: In Beta 3, the Matter area in the Settings app has disappeared again for the time being. But Apple has used the time and already fixed some bugs and problems. It remains to be seen whether Matter will also appear in the final new versions of macOS and iPadOS 16 in October.

As soon as Matter is supported, all compatible smart home devices can be controlled in the Home app, via the voice assistant Siri, via the control center and via third-party HomeKit apps, Apple announces on its developer pages. The Home app has already been revised in iOS 16 and should be clearer with rooms and favorites. In addition, new categories were introduced.

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