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Smart home: deals on light bulbs, personal assistants and more [Semana 05/09/22]

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Another week begins, and along with it, it’s time to take that usual walk through the main online stores in the country, to check out what we have of interesting options today of accessories so you can complete your connected home setup.

As always, the selected offers consider the moment of publication of this article, and the price may change at any time without being reflected here, in addition to having the promotions organized into categories, which will considerably facilitate the search.

In order to speed up your life, below we list the selections that we have in this publication and put the link that takes you directly to the selection in question, something that tends to make it easier if you are looking for a specific item.

  • personal assistants
  • kits
  • Universal remote control
  • lighting (Lamps and Ribbons)
  • Safety
  • Sockets and switches
  • vacuum cleaners
personal assistants
Universal remote control
Lighting (Lamps and Ribbons)


LED strips




smart doorbell

Sockets and switches

Internal Module

Light switch

Power plug

vacuum cleaners

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