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Any student, researcher or professional knows that searching for specific information in long PDF documents can be a tedious and arduous task. Thanks to advances in artificial intelligence, this process is greatly simplified. We discovered seven innovative AI tools that read and answer questions from your PDF documents.

Information extraction with AskYourPdf

AskYourPdf is a free tool powered by ChatGPT. It allows you to upload PDFs and provides answers to questions about the content of those documents in minutes. With its feature of exporting the chat to PDF for future reference and sharing unique links so that others can interact with the uploaded document, it becomes a robust and versatile option.

Seamless interaction with your PDFs via ChatPDF

With chatPDF you can literally chat with your PDFs. Based on GPT 3.5, this resource allows you to upload a document from your device or even search it on the web. Despite being a multilingual tool, it is important to note that your responses may include information that is not mentioned in the uploaded document.

Multifaceted searches with Documind

documents is notable for its ability to search information in multiple PDFs simultaneously. In addition, it generates summaries of long documents and allows you to turn a PDF into a chatbot that can be integrated into a website. Although its use is limited in the free version, it offers great functionality with its paid plans.

Quick and accurate answers with LightPDF

The range of tools LightPDF to convert, protect and edit PDFs includes a chatbot that provides quick answers to questions and even generates summaries and outlines of uploaded documents. A particularly useful feature is that it displays the page number from which the information was taken.

Clean and referenced interface with

interface Split the screen to display the document and the chatbot simultaneously. With each answer, mention the source (page number) and allow quick access to that particular page. Although the free account is quite limited, the paid version offers full functionality.

Cross-platform and multi-format with FileGPT

FileGPT it goes beyond PDFs, supporting various file types such as documents, web pages, audio, and video. Like Documind, it allows you to ask questions of several files simultaneously. With its paid plans, you can even integrate it into your website and provide live chat to your customers.

Abstracts and references with ClarifyPDF

ClarifyPDF offers the ability to upload files up to 10 MB and ask questions about them. However, it only supports English language and its paid plan costs $1.99 per PDF.

Advances in artificial intelligence technology are making it easier to access information in long and complex documents. These tools allow easier and more direct interaction with PDF files, changing the way we work with information.

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