Slots: the biggest craze in online gaming on iOS

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las tragamonedas juegos online en ios .jpg

The slots or machines slots of all kinds they are synonymous with casinos around the world, be they the online casinos that are currently in vogue or the classic physical gambling establishments popularized by Las Vegas and Monte Carlo. They are currently present in almost every country in the world and in most of its large cities, including Spain. What not many know is that slot games are actually the most popular of all casinos of any kind, far surpassing other popular games like blackjack or poker when it comes to number of players. Let’s see what makes this game so attractive to millions of users across the planet.

A very brief history of slots

The history of slot machines is quite interesting as it relates to the development of casinos and gambling dens in the last two centuries. At the end of the 19th century, the first slot machines, also known as poker machines, were invented in New York, these being devices that could be found in the best bars in the city. These worked in a similar way to today: players fed in coins and spinning reels with playing card symbols spun to a stop.

Players get different prizes according to the combination of symbols, in this case being taken by the prize hierarchies of the possible poker hands that the machine could throw. Interestingly, the biggest prize a player could win on these old-fashioned slots was a cigarette or even a glass of beer, depending on the particular model of the machine and the establishment that housed it.

At the beginning of the 20th century, slot machines stopped offering alcoholic beverages and money as prizes due to a strong backlash against gambling and drinking in the United States. However, they would be found in some candy stores and food establishments with poker machines with fruit symbols (which are still used today) whose prizes would be candy of different kinds.

It is not until the middle of the last century, with the emergence of Las Vegas as the “sin City”And gambling capital of the world, when slot machines began to offer monetary prizes and were used in the casinos that dominated the Strip from that time. Although slot machines were initially intended for players’ wives, they proved to be even more popular than classic games and would soon become the hottest attraction in modern casinos.