SkyShowtime increases its price and has a new monthly plan with ads

skyshowtime increases its price and has a new monthly plan.webp.webp.webp
skyshowtime increases its price and has a new monthly plan.webp.webp.webp

Almost a year ago SkyShowtime arrived in our market. He did it with a very attractive offer that left the monthly subscription at 50% for life. Now, the company has just announced news: SkyShowtime increases in price.

It is not the only thing that changes on the platform, since this price increase comes accompanied by a new plan with advertisements, following in the wake of what they have already done Netflix or Disney+. Next, Let’s go with all the details of this SkyShowtime price change and what the options will be from now on.

From 5.99 euros to 7.99 euros for SkyShowtime

SkyShowtime arrived at the right time: There were several platforms that had recently increased in price and, in addition, Netflix had just announced its new shared account policy. This is something that the community did not like and, exactly in that context, SkyShowtime landed.

He did so with a very interesting catalog due to both his wardrobe and new releases in the form of series and films. Having big production companies behind it, the platform was a safe bet, but the most interesting thing was the price.

It was 5.99 euros per month, but if you subscribed initially, you could take advantage of the 50% lifetime offer. This left the platform for just 2.99 euros per month, a very affordable price when the market was already beginning to show signs of saturation.

Now, just one year later, SklyShowtime announces its price increase and the creation of a new plan with ads somewhat cheaper than the current monthly payment. Below, we leave you the two plans:

  • Standard Plan with ads – 4.99 euros per month.
  • Standard Plus Plan – 7.99 euros per month without ads.

If we opt for the annual subscriptionPrices are as follows:

  • Standard Plan with ads – 39.99 euros.
  • Standard Plus Plan – 62.99 euros.

SkyShowtime has not taken advantage of the price increase to announce improvements in video and audio quality, something that has been necessary practically from day one. The new plans will come into effect on April 23 for both current users and new subscriptions.

We have contacted SkyShowtime to ask what happens with the 50% lifetime offer, since that would allow you to opt for a price of 3.99 euros per month in the Standard Plus Plan. We will update as soon as we have more information.

Cover photo | Alejandro Alcolea

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