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Sky Open and Sky Smart: the new Sky offers of February 2021

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Let’s take stock of the new types of subscriptions offered by sky to new and old subscribers: Sky open and Sky Smart. Here’s what changes and costs.

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In the last few days Sky has radically renewed its offer, with the most important update of the price list in recent years. There Pay TV in fact has decided to lash out an important attack on OTT services, which for some years now have represented the main competitors of pay-TV, with two packages nicknamed Sky Smart and Sky Open which aim to satisfy everyone’s needs, even those who do not intend to commit themselves in the long term with Sky.

Sky Open

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Let’s start from Sky Open, or the “open” offer which, while offering more expensive packages, allows you to submit the cancellation at any time, without any restrictions. Basically the operation of Netflix, Disney + and the like resumes, which allow you to cancel your subscription without paying any penalty.

As we will see below, packages are more expensive: for Sky TV, which includes documentaries, shows and TV series, there is a payment of 25 Euros per month, while for Sky Kids 5 Euros per month. Sky Cinema will cost 14 Euros per month. Obviously the costs of the packages for watching sport are higher: Sky Calcio and Sky Sport have a price of 20 Euros each per month.

For ancillary services, however, the Multiscreen has a price of 6 Euros per month, while Sky 4K is included in the subscription, together with Sky Go Plus and of course the HD, for which the payment of any additional sum is not foreseen.

For what concern Entertainment Plus bundle, which is characterized by the presence of the Sky TV and Netflix packages, you will pay 30 Euros per month.

Sky Smart

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Sky Smart instead takes up the “classic” strategy, by Sky. The packages are practically the same as Sky Open (but not the costs, as we will see), but the substantial difference is that by choosing the Smart option you will have to sign a contact with an 18-month bond, payable both monthly and in a ‘single solution and renewable before the deadline.

As we said above, prices are lower. Sky TV in fact goes to 14.90 euros per month (compared to 25 euros for Sky Open). Sky Kids remains at 5 Euros per month, while Sky Cinema is offered at 10 Euros per month compared to 14 Euros for the Open option.

Four Euro savings on Sky Sport and Sky Calcio, both of which can be subscribed for at a price of 16 Euros per month, while the cost of Sky Multiscreen remains unchanged, at 6 Euros per month. Sky 4K is not included, for which there is a surcharge of 5 euros per month, the HD is no longer charged.

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On the other hand, the savings on Entertainment Plus, for which 19.90 euros per month are requested compared to 30 euros for Sky Open.

The two types of subscription can be subscribed by both new subscribers and those who are already Sky customers, but it is possible to request the switch from Sky Open to Sky Smart at any time by calling customer care through the classic channels. However, it will not be possible to switch from Sky Smart to Sky Open before the expiry of the 18-month contract. Sky Open and Sky Smart are available with Sky Q via satellite and Sky Q without a dish.

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