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    Skip non-private connection errors in Chrome by adding trusted sites

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    Perhaps it has ever happened to you that you try to enter a website and Chrome throws a warning indicating that the site is not secure. When this happens, we must pay attention to the alert, since browsers do not show false positives in these cases. Although it does not necessarily have to be a malicious page, surely there are expired security certificates. In that sense, if you are sure that the page is not malicious, we will teach you how to add it to Chrome’s trusted sites.

    This is an option that allows you to add exceptions to the deployed configuration. So if Chrome prohibits access to unsafe sites, it will ignore them if you add them to this section.

    Adding trusted sites in Google Chrome

    The situation of receiving unsafe site notices is very common when we try to enter intranets and internal pages, generally of a corporate nature. In that sense, as it is a work or study tool, we could be sure that there are no risks for our team. Therefore, instead of always receiving the same error, we could make the browser ignore it by adding the pages as Chrome’s trusted sites.

    The process is really simple, fast and you can add as many websites as you want. However, as we mentioned before, remember to be 100% secure about the site and its nature to help you get around the security settings.

    To get started with this task, enter the following into Chrome’s address bar and press Enter: chrome: // settings / content / insecureContent

    This address will take you directly to the Insecure Content section, which is the name of the section where we will work. The last option it shows is “Can show unsafe content” and next to it you will have the “Add” button. Click and you can start adding the addresses you need.

    In this way, on the next access to the page you will see that you will be able to enter directly without receiving the notice of an unsafe site.