Since using this application I have not paid for any Play Store app again

app dinero android.jpg
app dinero android.jpg

App to get money on Android

Although the applications in the Google store may not be excessively expensive, if we accumulate small amounts, little by little the bill will rise. However, there is a totally legal app with which to get accumulate Play Store balance and thus not pay more for other paid applications and content.

The tool is so official that it is also developed by Google and in a few seconds it allows you to accumulate small amounts of money with which to pay your Play Store expenses.

Payment for micro surveys

The application in question is called Google Opinion Rewards. It is available for both iOS and Android, although it will only serve to accumulate credit for the latter’s store.

google opinion rewards android

Essentially, it is a survey application, but it is focused on improving Google products. For example, if you activate your location, it may ask you certain questions about places you have recently visited, mainly shops, if you made a purchase and, if so, What payment method did you use?.

The application has recently integrated a new feature with which you can earn even more money. In some stores such as El Corte Inglés, Mercadona, LIDL or even gas stations, they will ask us after the purchase to let’s attach a purchase receipt, for which we can upload a photo or attach the electronic ticket. It sounds intrusive, and it is to some extent, but if you don’t mind sharing basic data about your shopping habits, you’re rewarded. Google states that the data is for their statistics and that they do not share data with third parties.

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On other occasions, the questions are usually about applications that you have seen in the Play Store, or what would you think if they were recommended to you. Also links to YouTubeso sometimes it asks questions about some videos that you may have seen on occasions.

Google Opinion Rewards
Google Opinion Rewards

Use your balance in the Play Store

The amount for each completed survey varies, but in a few you will have enough money to buy a moderately priced app or pay for certain in-app content. For example, since you can pay for your streaming subscription from the mobile application, you can choose this payment method “Google Play Credit” to deduct an amount or pay the entire fee.Google Rewards Survey App

Looking at the comments in the app store, we see that the experience of different users varies greatly. Some are happy with the money they receive (especially considering that it will only take you a few seconds to answer each one), while others consider that they receive very few.

Likewise, experience on the type of issues to be resolved varies a lot from one user to another and even depending on the time. As a practically daily YouTube user, there are times when they seem very interested in my opinion, while other times only the location surveys appear.