Since I have a robot vacuum cleaner it turns out that I clean more at home, shouldn’t it be the other way around?

since i have a robot vacuum cleaner it turns out.jpg
since i have a robot vacuum cleaner it turns out.jpg

Theoretically, buying a robot vacuum cleaner means freeing yourself from the cleaning task and being able to abandon, once and for all, the use of the broom. But, curiously, and as I’m sure you already know if you have one of these devices, introducing a Roomba or similar into your life causes something that you wouldn’t expect: start cleaning more! How do you explain that?

I come from a generation where it is mandatory to have a chair at the entrance to the room, and it is not exactly used for sitting. The chair is the sacred object of the room, the place where “used” clothes accumulate, but are not yet dirty. Hanging bags are placed on the edges of the chair. When the chair has reached a critical point, who knows where the next things will end up. But what a pig! Don’t blame me, blame the Berzas or the Inhumans, those musical groups that guided me during my adolescence. Therefore, having a robot clean for me was something I had fantasized about all my life.

Wait, the Roomba needs help

Something inside my brain already imagined that This wasn’t just hitting the button. and that the mopping or vacuuming robot would start cleaning the rooms relentlessly. But, since I was already determined to buy the device, I buried that thought of doubt deep in my psyche so I could get my way. At the end is when I found the harsh reality: you have to configure, test and even help the robot.

But you have to see! There is no doubt that a robot vacuum cleaner that moves across the floor sliding at absurd speed is not at the level of what was seen in cartoons that looked to the future. The cleaning robot in The Jetsons was something different, the typical dreamer’s promise of tomorrow that may not be fulfilled until it is too late for those of you reading this. But that disappointment at the launch of the robot was not the worst, the worst thing is that, as I told you before, buying the vacuum cleaner has meant start cleaning more.

The house like the jets of gold

But no thanks to the robot, at least not solely. The main problem I have found with the vacuum cleaner is that it is not an intelligent all-rounder that can take care of any aspect of cleaning that needs attention. Yes it is true that sucks and moves across the floor, which sneaks under furniture and does other tricks, such as serving as transportation for your cat, but it is not infallible when it comes to cleaning. For example, you have to make sure that the floor is picked up so that, when cleaning, it doesn’t encounter so many obstacles that the circuits end up burning (no, that’s not going to happen, don’t worry).

In a house with children (and without them, why are we going to fool ourselves), imagine what it means: you will have to constantly pick up so that the robot does not have problems cleaning. After purchasing the robot, you will collect the floor more than you’ve collected in your entire life. You will never leave socks lying around the room again, and that is something you can tell your mother to make her proud, because after forty years you will have achieved it. You will think about what the robot has to do and you will support it in all of this.

Until you get used to it, you will even keep an eye on the vacuum cleaner to see how it progresses and what kind of problems it encounters. You will find yourself giving him so much help that you will spend minutes and minutes checking on him and helping with the cleaning. In conclusion: you will clean much more than you can imagine. There will come a time when you will relax a little, but your cleaning habitsby that day, they will have already changed, at least slightly.

This is, without a doubt, a positive thing. A change that is received very willingly and that will make you begin to have more organized and healthy routines within your home environment. You will even find yourself using the duster, because you will understand that it makes no sense for the floor to be clean if, at the same time, your shelves have so much dust that it is no longer easy to recognize the black color on the armor of that figurine of Darth Vader.

Maybe you had never thought about it, but, although the idea of ​​starting to clean more and being more organized sounds terrible, right now it seems like a great marketing argument to sell robot vacuum cleaners. Or maybe I say this because I have already bought the vacuum cleaner and there is no going back. In any case, look at my floor, clean, organized and unobstructed. Don’t look at my chair, because it’s still full of clothes. For that, at the moment, I have not found any robot to help me.



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