Since I discovered the straw trick, cleaning the dust vents on my Android phone is another story.

since i discovered the straw trick cleaning the dust vents.webp.webp.webp
since i discovered the straw trick cleaning the dust vents.webp.webp.webp

We carry our cell phone with us at all times, which means touching it with hands that are less clean than we would like, but also keeping it in our pocket, backpack, purse or, in my case, in the padel racket bag. Consequence: The phone ends up quite dirty with daily use.

I have already told you how I clean the screen of my smartphone, but there is an enemy that must be eliminated with great care: the dust that gets into all the nooks and crannies of my Android phone. And you have places to choose from: the line that separates the screen from the device, the charging port, the microphones and headphones, the outline of the camera module…

The problem is that if we proceed with the cleaning without too much care, for example with a cotton swab or a pointed object to pry out dirt embedded in a mobile phone that does not charge, the remedy for the disease may be worse. Come on, some element of the phone can break or deteriorate. but there is a trick with things we have at home that is most effective to eliminate accumulated dust.

How to clean the dust accumulated on your mobile with a straw

We discovered this trick thanks to the youtuber Smart Fox, who proves that in a couple of minutes and with four everyday elements we can create a tool to clean the slots of the mobile phone, specifically a kind of head for really small gaps. To do this you need a straw, a plastic bottle and your trusty vacuum cleaner, a sled model or a cordless one works.

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Now you just need to cut the bottle making a kind of funnel (it is better that the bottle is a small water bottle, like the one you see in the photo) and make a hole in the lid where the straw can fit. The easiest way to do it and the shows the youtuber It is heating a sharp metal object and then stabbing it. Then we insert the straw and adhere it with glue.

Finally We place the nozzle of the vacuum cleaner and on it, this homemade head. Since the straw is made of a moderately soft material and its diameter is so small, it is comfortable and effective to move through those cracks to vacuum up accumulated dirt.

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