Simulating kisses with Virtual Reality, or any other sensation in the mouth

besos en vr.jpg
besos en vr.jpg

If someone wants the metaverse to be a parallel reality similar to the one shown in books like Ready Player One, they will have to worry about the sense of touch.

Virtual Reality is tremendously useful for a million things, including, of course, leisure, but it is far from being able to be compared with the real world, since there are things that smell, that are eaten and that are touched, three forgotten senses in the VR world.

The fact is that there are researchers who are working on the subject, and at the moment there are already advances in the simulation of touch in the mouth.

Watch the video and then we continue talking:

As you can see, the idea of ​​researchers from the Future Interfaces Group at Carnegie Mellon University is to mimic the feel of the user’s mouth by modifying Meta Quest 2 glasses with ultrasonic transducers focused on the lips. These devices emit sounds that generate pressure in the area they point to, thus simulating sensations that can be personalized.

Apparently it can not only be applied to the lips, it could also be used on the tongue and teeth, it all depends on where the sound waves are pointing. In the video we see how he brushes his teeth, or how he walks through the field feeling the air.

Remember that we are talking about ultrasound, and that depending on the emission power, it could even lift objects, so there is a wide range of sensations that could be recreated with something like this.

For now, from the WWWhatsnew team, we continue to recommend traditional kisses.

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