Simplex Wireless, SIM card that allows connectivity and management of IoT devices

simplex wireless tarjeta sim que permite la conectividad y gestion de dispositivos iot.jpg
simplex wireless tarjeta sim que permite la conectividad y gestion de dispositivos iot.jpg

When talking about an IoT SIM, it refers to a SIM designed with commercial or industrial purposes that makes it possible to work with a modem to carry out the connection of IoT devices to the internet.

Formerly, this type of SIM was known as M2M (Machine To Machine). When thinking about IoT devices, these usually refer to elements such as environmental sensors, car trackers, connected appliances and even machines that are part of an assembly line within a factory or company.

And while any electronic device that has the ability to connect to the internet can be considered an IoT device, the term It does not apply to smartphones or general-purpose computers.

That said, it is likely that you are in control of some IoT device and that you have to exercise its control from a remote place, thus requiring an IoT SIM card that allows you to carry out this action. It usually happens with security cameras, for example.

It is in this instance where it can be very useful to acquire an IoT SIM from SimplexWirelesswhich will provide you with everything you need to manage the different IoT devices that are in your charge.

Through a simple process Simplex Wireless gives you a instant global IoT cellular connectivity Packed with features and functions to meet your business needs.

Once you purchase the Simplex Wireless IoT SIM it will be simple to activateso that later you can make use of its intuitive dashboard to access the data that interests you.

An advantage of the Simplex Wireless IoT SIM is that it offers you coverage in more than 187 countriesas well as more than 500 networks to dispose.

Simplex Wireless Features

Among the aspects that make Simplex Wireless remarkable are:

makes the complex simple

Simplex Wireless brings the best of the complexity found in IoT services into a solution that is easy to use.

Triple-A Simplex

Simplex Wireless provides global cellular connectivity services to manage whether it’s a person’s activity on an IoT device, a thing or a place.

Maintains the essence of IoT connectivity

With Simplex Wireless, cellular connectivity is brought up to par with cloud services.

proven technology

Simplex Wireless features time-tested technology that has been tested by millions of users around the world, making it a stable, reliable and scalable service.

efficient support

Simplex Wireless has a support service that will assist you from its headquarters in North America, as well as from its offices in Europe.

To access the Simplex Wireless website click HERE

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