Simple and very powerful: this is my perfect watch face for WearOS watches

834926579 240188025 1706x960.jpg
834926579 240188025 1706x960.jpg

Smartwatches allow for huge customization thanks to the thousands of watch faces available in the Google Play Store, and this one is incredible.

Smart watches and bracelets have probably been the most popular accessories in Spain in recent years. Brands like Xiaomi and Amazfit have allowed access to these products to users who did not want to spend a lot of money. But More and more people are beginning to opt for watches with advanced functionsnormally, with WearOS as the operating system.

Google entered this sector with the Pixel Watch and OnePlus has also announced its first watch with this operating system, the OnePlus Watch 2, which uses Wear OS 4. All of these watches have the Google Play Store, which allows Download thousands of different designs for your home watch screenthe sphere.

I have been using this system daily for approximately a year, and after much searching I have found a sphere that has allowed me to combine relevant information at a glance with the necessary shortcuts so you don’t have to search through the different installed applications. It is called Pixel OLED and costs 1.49 euros.

Simple and powerful

This face for watches with Wear OS It is clearly inspired by the design of the Pixel Watchallowing you to change not only the color of the text, but also many other parameters, such as the seconds hand indicator, which illuminates the edge of the dial, the active screen and even the background texture.

But the most important element is the complications, that is, the shortcuts on the screen with which to open applications directly with one press. We have no less than eight shortcuts to various functions, from installed applications to watch data, such as the battery or the steps we have taken.

Pixel OLED Dial Complications

This huge customization makes it unnecessary in most cases to even enter the application area to search for a specific one. Furthermore, if you do not want to use all of them, you can obviously leave them blank to have a more minimalist interface. In my case I have used the two upper complications for the steps and the battery, the side ones to open the garage and control the music and the lower ones for the weather and Google Wallet.

I have left the other two as they come by default, a text one to show the next calendar appointment, which is obviously synchronized with the Google application and the last one, which opens if you click on the two digits of the time, to open the alarm. You can choose any application and many functions of the watch itselfbut perhaps there will be some limited use, although it will be for the system itself, not the sphere.

Screenshots of the sphere

This sphere is paid, as mentioned before, but the 1.49 euros it costs are one of the best investments I have made in the Google Play Store. It is very worth the purchase, especially because it is something that is used daily, several times each day in fact.

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