Signing documents in Google Docs finally reaches all users

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Google has updated the signature system in its cloud office service for all users, which was previously only in beta phase.

At the end of summer Google announced a novelty that had been waiting for years in Google Docs, the possibility of signing documents online. The electronic signature is something that is increasingly in demand because more and more documents have to be signed and, furthermore, more and more is done from a screen and not with paper and pen.

This new feature allowed user data to be inserted directly into the document, such as name, initials or signature previously scanned or created on the computer. The only problem is that it was a trial version to which not all users had access.

This has changed, and just before the end of the year Google announced that eSignature, which is the name of this feature, is now available in Google Docs for all users from Google WorkSpace. In addition, it will also reach Google Drive, and can be used in PDFs that are within the Google account.

Signing documents online

This new feature allows you to create documents in Google Docs in which users are asked for their data or signature. Additionally, you can review the status of pending signatures and search for completed signatures. Thus, eliminates the need to switch applications. If preferred, a copy of any contract can be created so that it can be used as a template.

By default completed contracts will automatically contain an audit trail report and The signature may be requested from more than one user, even if those users are not Gmail users.. Another function that has been released, although it is in beta phase, is the possibility of making an electronic signature in PDF on PDF files stored in Drive.

Signature in Google Doc

Finally, there are features that have been announced but are not yet available. One of them is power use a PDF file as a contract template. Additionally, signers may be asked to add relevant information, such as their job title, to the document.

All these new features have reached the online version of Google Docs, but There is no confirmation that it will also reach Android applications, at least for the moment. Throughout the month of December all users should have these functions active.

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