Signal now lets you change your number without losing a single one of your conversations

Just over a year ago WhatsApp made the mistake of trying to get users to accept new conditions of use that introduced the possibility of third parties reading our chats, especially in the case of companies attached to the Business application. That misunderstanding led millions of accounts to look for an alternative like Signal. Since then, this small app, without (apparently) profit motive, has been adapting its functions and improving a service that was quite small with the intention of being the home of those disenchanted with WhatsApp. Now, in February 2022, it remains in that competition together with Telegram and perhaps that is why it has added a feature that you will surely find interesting. Change the number, not the chats The fact is that the application has been updated to allow changing the phone number of the account without losing the chats we had with the previous one, in such a way that it will be possible to keep the conversations and groups in which we participate, although from a certain moment that number changes completely. Remember that in the case, for example, of WhatsApp, the moment we register a new phone to replace the one we have been using with the messaging app, it causes the chats to start from scratch, so we lose practically all the activity that we brought up to now. This, which has the logic of avoiding misuse by some users, can become a serious inconvenience for those who, for whatever reason, need to change their number every so often. That yes, the only condition that Signal sets to be able to keep these chats active from the old number with the new one is that at the moment in which we make the change, we have access to both lines in order to demonstrate to the application that we are its owners. or, at least, they belong to us at that moment of the transfer. If you are interested in using this feature, remember that iOS version 5.27.1 or Android 5.30.6 is required. Signal warns, however, that if you do not have access to the old phone line when you want to accept the option to keep the chats, it will cause the complete deletion of all account activity, so in case you convert your history of professional chats with the company mobile in personal, take it into account to carry out the migration properly. >