Signal leads the way to WhatsApp with usernames: you can now chat without revealing your phone number

signal leads the way to whatsapp with usernames you can.webp.webp.webp
signal leads the way to whatsapp with usernames you can.webp.webp.webp

WhatsApp has one of the biggest news in its history pending: usernames. They were leaked months ago and will revolutionize the privacy of the application by covering a hole that has been a problem for years: that you had to share your phone number to chat with another person.

Signal, which shares encryption technology with WhatsApp, is once again ahead of WhatsApp by including the usernames as an alternative to phone number. There they will be called aliases and you can now register yours with the Signal beta.

Your private Signal alias

No matter how encrypted and private WhatsApp and Signal are, when push comes to shove you should share your phone number with other people so they could write to you in the application. The solution to this problem is already here, in Signal, and WhatsApp is expected to do the same in the coming months.

The solution is aliases or usernames, a new way to identify yourself with a unique identifier which will be what you share with other people so they can contact you on Signal. Instead of sharing your phone number, you can share your username.

A curious fact is that usernames are unique but must always include two digits, something that Signal assures will help maintain their privacy and reduce spam. Signal does not have a username finder, so someone will have to know the exact name (with its two digits) or use the direct link or QR code to start a chat with you from your alias.


Signal aliases They are not used to log in (you will still use the phone number), so they are simply a private way to communicate with other people without revealing your phone number. As a result, Signal now includes a new setting to specify who can see your phone number and, as standard, will hide it from everyone who doesn’t already have it.

Not only that, but you can adjust who can find you by phone number. By doing so, you’ll prevent someone who has your phone number from being able to contact you on Signal or even know that you have an account. Now you can register your username on Signalalthough you will need the beta of the application to do so.

In the past WhatsApp has copied Signal functions, such as privacy in video calls, so it could be that there are relationships in the implementation of WhatsApp usernames, when they arrive. It will be interesting to know if they will also be accompanied by double digits, since with more than 2,000 million users, It will be difficult to find a decent one that is free.

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