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Sick: creator of the Panic franchise presents new horror film that takes place in the pandemic

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Every year, cinema presents us with several horror films, mainly in the slasher genre, where we have an unbridled serial killer terrorizing his victims.

Soon, we will have the premiere of Scream 6, but Kevin Williamson, responsible for writing the scripts for the six films in the franchise, is also working on another project. We’re talking about Sick, released on January 13 on NBCUniversal’s Peacock streaming, a horror film that uses the pandemic as a theme.

The coronavirus pandemic was a terrifying time for many people and it’s clear that the movie industry would use this as inspiration for new productions.

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Under the direction of John Hyams, Sick unites the pandemic with a serial killer to create a plot full of tension and a lot of blood.

In the plot that takes place in April 2020, a time when the pandemic reached its peak and many countries decided to start carrying out lockdowns and quarantines, we see friends Parker Mason (Gideon Adlon) and Miri Woodlow (Bethlehem Million) deciding to isolate themselves in a country house, but things get out of hand when unwanted visitors start arriving at the place, also bringing a ruthless killer.

Unfortunately, as Peacock is not available in Europe, the film has not yet won a premiere date here, but seeing the trailer and the synopsis, do you think this was a good combination?

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